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illegibilus: Alisa by My-fated-person illegibilus: Alisa by My-fated-person

Name: Alisa (Alice) Alkaev      Age: 15                         Gender: Female
Height: 5'5                             Weight: 120lb               Birthday: Dec. 15 
Nationality: British/Russian    House: Ravenclaw        Year: 5th


| quiet |  | observant | Mature | Patient | sweet | smiley | cheerful | Loyal | Honest | Helpful | Brave |
Most of the time Alisa sits back and watches others go first when it comes to school she's very keen on observation and that's how it helps her persevere in her in England. She never speaks out of turn and is willing to wait for her questions to be answered in he end. she doesn't have anything to be sad about, no deaths, doesn't have horrible grades, she has a great family, so she always smiles and is happy, because what is their to be sad about. but then again, she couldn't compare herself or understand someone who has or is going through something like that.  she tries and is willing to help others when she knows what shes doing. Some times if you ask her for her opinion she can be very honest, but i guess it can be a good thing. 

Alice was born in England, her grandfather on her fathers side, is Russian. Her parents, both wizards, we're also born in England.

When Alice was a young child, her parents were very young and didn't want to have their life slowed down with a child. They didn't lose contact with her, but they waned someone to take care of her while they went away. So she was given to a close family friend and was adopted by them. The family also had a young girl, the same age as Alice, which was a main reason why she was adopted, so Alice could have a play mate.

Alice enjoyed having a sister to play with and often would bother her at anytime she wanted. She went to normal school, played some sport, drew a little. and just did normal things muggles would have done. She enjoyed calm life with her adopted family until she received her letter at age 11. She was flabbergasted and felt she would miss her family. They encourage her to go, so she did.  Her first few years where easy for her, she really go the hang of things. but as the years went on the harder it got.  So far she has been able to push through to where she is now.

Interests & Dislikes:

Likes:                                                                                            Dislikes:

reading classic books||flying ||animals||tea/coffee                       hot weather because she just can wear a shirt. its weird        
food. food is life||classic music||chocolate, any kind||                   bugs/insets, small things||exercise||gossip
urban legends ||messing with her hair                                         junk food, because then she has to^
cold weather because she like layers of clothing                          backpacks, she likes bags and tote bags
monsters, ghosts,  Mythical Creatures, what not


Wingardium Leviosa   -Causes objects to levitate.
Lumos- Creates a narrow beam of light at the end of the wand.
Ferula -Bandages a wounded body part on whoever the wand is aimed at
Episkey -Heals minor injuries
Reparo -Fixes broken objects.
Expelliarmus -When dueling with this spell, the person the caster strikes is disarmed of whatever they are holding at the moment. It can also be used to defend against spells, if the casting strength is strong enough the victim can be knocked unconscious.

 • Elective Classes:                       •  Extra Curricular:                      

Care of Magical Creatures             Quidditch 

Divination                                       Hogwarts orchestra

Wand Ingredients                               Pet:
Core: Dragon Heartstring             Name: Lily
Length: 13.25 inches                    Species: Siamese Cat
Wood: Aspen                                Gender: Female
Flexibility:Reasonably Supple        Personality: lazy

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